Campaign FAQ


When exactly are the campaign emails sent? 

The start time of trigger emails depends on the conditions that you set for it. Use the campaign page to configure the mailing conditions.

Click the transition to the “Marketing email” element in the campaign diagram and view its properties area on the right-hand side of the page. Use the fields in the properties area to specify the sending conditions. Read more >>>

What is the logic behind filtering emails when they are added to a campaign? 

When selecting emails to add to a campaign, the list does not display all of the emails located in the Email section. Bulk emails, trigger emails with the "Active" status, and trigger emails associated with other campaigns will not be available.

I have started the campaign, why it is not displayed in the campaign log? 

The campaign may not have actually started yet and there is nothing to log. The campaign will be started with the execution of its first step and the records will be displayed in the campaign log. The moment of execution is defined in the default campaign execution frequency or via execution time specified in the element with condition flows. More information about default campaign frequency can be found in a separate article.