Create a knowledge base article

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The Knowledge base section represents an electronic library of documents that are used by employees need every day. For example, you can use the section to store the answers to frequently asked questions, rules and regulations, document templates, and advertising materials. Use this section to quickly find, discuss, and evaluate articles.

To add a new article:

  1. Open the Knowledge base section.

  2. Click the New article button. The case page will open.

  3. Populate the fields on the opened page:

    1. Name - specify the knowledge base article title.

    2. Type - select the knowledge base article type, for example, “Rules and regulations” or “FAQ”.

  4. Add the article tags, and comments on the General information tab.
  5. Open the Files tab and add relevant files and links, for example, documents related to the knowledge base article. To do this, drag&drop the file or use the icn_add_attachment_1.png button. To add a link, click btn_marketing_plans_detail_menu_2.pngNew link.

  6. Open the Connected to tab and add cases that the knowledge base article can help to resolve to the Cases detail. Click btn_com_add_tab_7.png to select a case.

  7. Click Save.

As a result, a new article will be added to the knowledge base list.