Keep track of former employees

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Use the Employees section to enter the data about all current and former employees of your company. A complete contact database will help recruit former employees, to work with recruiting agencies, blacklists of job seekers, or when an employee returns to the company. To set up a list of employees:

  1. Add data about your former employees to the section. Import the data or add the data manually.

  2. Open the Career tab on the employee page and fill in the Due date and Reason for job change fields.

    Note. An employee is considered as working with an empty “Due date” field in the Career tab or the date has not come yet.

  3. If you have information about the further career of your former employee, add it to the Job experience detail.

  4. Click Save.

Only records of working employees are displayed in the section list and folders by default. Disable the “Working employees” quick filter to display the full list of employees.