Business process FAQ

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Why don't the visual elements open, although the business process keeps running according to the log? 

Creatio uses WebSocket protocol to run user processes, notifications, and integration with telephony. If the process log shows that the business process is executed, but the visual elements do not open, then you should check the websockets settings. For more information about configuring Creatio to use the WebSockets protocol, read this article.

Why doesn't a process continue to run automatically? 

If a business process doesn't continues to run, check the following system settings:

  • Check the websockets

  • Perhaps, your business process is waiting for a signal. Therefore, the process can not continue running until it receives a signal.

  • If during the execution of the business process a page needs to be opened, check the process parameters in the designer. Maybe, a parameter or a contact are set in the Owner field and can't display the page to the current user. For example, if the user has no access rights to the required page.

  • Rarely, the incorrect "Maximum number of working processes" setting in the JIS pool can cause the bug. If a value greater than 1 is set, then opened processes accumulate and stop responding.

How do I advance a case to the next stage automatically? 

Currently, there are no automatic stage transitions in dynamic cases. To advance a case to the next stage, click the corresponding stage on the workflow bar on the opportunity, case or lead page. All tasks of the current stage will appear on the action panel and will be added to the calendar of the corresponding contacts.

Where and how the cases are saved? 

The cases are saved in the form of configuration schemas, just like processes, objects and pages. The schema name is specified in the Name field.

How can I set up several cases for one section? 

You can set up several cases for one section. For example, you can use separate cases with different number of stages for the “Small business” and “Medium business” categories in the Opportunities section.

To do this:

  1. On the case setup page, populate the Which column determines which case to use with a record? field.

  2. When setting up each case, specify the corresponding value in the Use this case with records where field.