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This documentation is valid for Creatio version 7.16.0. We recommend using the newest version of Creatio documentation.

Set up case registration from emails from mailbox alias

Creatio can automatically register cases based on the emails that were forwarded to the Creatio mailbox from a different email. Note that Creatio will not add new cases for emails that were copied from one mailbox to another on the email server. To do this:

1.Click btn_system_designer00001.png to open the System Designer.

2.Open the [Lookups] section.

3.Open the [List of mailboxes for case registration].

4.Click [New].

5.Populate the parameters of the new record:

[Mailbox] – the mailbox that was synchronized with Creatio.

[Mailbox alias] – the mailbox alias from which the emails are forwarded to the Creatio mailbox.

[Case category] – the default category for all cases received from this mailbox. This lets you set up different categories for cases that arrive at a regular mailbox and those forwarded from mailbox aliases.

6.Add a lookup record for each mailbox alias used for receiving support emails.

If Creatio does not register cases from emails sent to mailbox aliases, check if the mail client sets the tag “Auto-Submitted: auto-generated” for the forwarded messages. Cancel tagging the emails with this tag if your email client permits it. If the “Auto-Submitted” tag is required, make sure that you set its value to “No.” If you cannot manage tags on the email client side, disable protection from auto-generated emails in Creatio. To do so:

1.Click btn_system_designer00002.png to open the System Designer.

2.Open the [Lookups] section.

3.Open the [Email header properties management] lookup.

4.Click “Auto-Submitted” and clear the checkbox in the [Active] column.

Please note that disabling protection from auto-generated emails will decrease the strength of Creatio’s spam protection.

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