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This documentation is valid for Creatio version 7.16.0. We recommend using the newest version of Creatio documentation.

The [Knowledge base] section

The Knowledge base section represents an electronic library of documents that are used by employees need every day. For example, here you can store the answers to frequently asked questions, rules and regulations, document templates and advertising materials. You can use this section to quickly find, discuss and evaluate articles.


While adding new knowledge base articles within the main Creatio application, the portal users are automatically granted the right to read these articles. If necessary, you can change permissions.


The section has several views:

  • btn_com_list_view.png – displays knowledge base articles as a list of records. All list columns are described below in the context of the knowledge base article page.

  • btn_com_analytics.png – displays charts, indicators and ratings that can be used to analyze the knowledge base articles.Read more >>>


Knowledge base article page

General data

The [General information] tab

The [Attachments] tab

Analytics in the [Knowledge base] section

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