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This documentation is valid for Creatio version 7.16.0. We recommend using the newest version of Creatio documentation.

“Junk” case registration setup

To avoid spending time on processing undesired emails, set up “junk” case registration so that such cases are automatically registered as “Canceled” or not registered at all. To set up registration of cases by “junk” emails:

1.Populate the [Blacklist of email addresses and domains for case registration] lookup.


You can set a specific email address (or its part) or domain. The entered value type will be identified automatically. By default, the lookup contains the following values: postmaster, noreply, no-reply, mail-daemon, mailer-daemon.

2.If new cases must be created from "junk" emails, select the “Create cases from "junk" emails” system setting (located in the [“Junk” email filter] folder) and select the [Default value] checkbox for it. Clear this checkbox to disable automatic registration of “junk” cases.


By default, the system does not create cases from "junk" emails.

3.To set up an automatic status for "junk" cases, go to the “Junk email filter” folder, select the “Junk Cases Default Status” system setting and select default status for junk cases in the [Default value] field, for example, “Canceled.”

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