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This documentation is valid for Creatio version 7.16.0. We recommend using the newest version of Creatio documentation.

Automatic emailing setup

Creatio sends automatic emails with various notifications regarding cases. Users receive emails when their cases are registered, processed, resolved, canceled, or closed. If the case was registered by email, all recipients of the original letter will receive notifications. By default the [From] field will contain email of support service that received customer’s email. If the case was registered from another channel (portal, call, etc.), then the [From] field will contain email of the support service specified in the [Customer service Email] system setting.


To send notifications only to the case contact, even if they did not send the original email, enable the “Send automatic notifications only to contact” system setting (“AutoNotifyOnlyContact”).

The email template used for each notification depends on the case status and category. You can set up template connection to case category and status in the separate lookup [Case notification rule].

To send emails:

The logic for sending email notifications is set up in the [Send email to contact on case status change] business process.


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Setting up email templates

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