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This documentation is valid for Creatio version 7.16.0. We recommend using the newest version of Creatio documentation.

Setting up sending localized emails

Localized email templates in Creatio enable you to send emails to your customers in their native language. This function is used when sending template-based email messages from the action panel, communication panel, as well as when sending notifications on business processes.

Perform the following steps to set up sending localized emails:

  • Set up the languages that will be used for your communication with customers. Read more >>> 

  • Set up localized email templates. Read more >>> 

Setting up languages for contact communication

The preferred language is specified on the corresponding [Contact] page. It is the language used for sending notifications to the contact. It does not depend on the interface languages configured for user operation or the default language. The [Customer languages] lookup values are used to specify languages and generate multilingual templates.

  • Only the languages with the [Is used] checkbox selected in the [Customer languages] lookup are available for selection on the [Contact] page.

  • By default, all languages listed in the lookup are available for usage in email templates. If you add inactive language to a template, the [Active] checkbox will be selected for this language in the [Customer languages] lookup.

The deactivated language becomes unavailable in the [Preferred language] field menu on the contact page, but is still displayed if it was specified earlier. The email template tab in such language is hidden, but emails will still be sent if this language is specified on the contact page.

If you reactivate a language, all the earlier created templates will be displayed in the lookup.

Setting up localized email templates

You can set up localized email template in the [Email templates] lookup or in the content designer.

To create a localized template:

1.Open the [Email templates] lookup in the [Lookups] section of the system designer.

2.Select the template to which you want to add localizations.

3.Click the btn_com_menu_gear.png button. In the menu, you will see all languages with the [Active] checkbox selected in the [Languages] lookup. Select a template language you want to add.

If there are no active languages in Creatio yet or you want to add a tab with the language that has not been activated, select the [Add language] menu option (Fig. 1) and select the template language you want to add in the opened window. The [Active] checkbox for this language will be selected automatically.

Fig. 1 Adding languages to the template


4.After you select the language, Creatio will prompt to copy the content of an existing template to the added tab. Select this option if you need to use the configured layout for the added localization.

5.If you need to add several languages into a template, reproduce steps 3 and 4 for each localization. As a result, several tabs for creating emails in the selected languages will be displayed on the template page (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 Localized email template


6.Select the necessary tab and enter the email subject. To switch to editing the email body, click the [Edit] button. The content designer page will open. You can learn more about creating templates via content designer in a separate article. Similarly you can create emails in every of the selected languages.

7.Save the changes.


When copying a multilingual template, all of its saved localizations will be copied.

How to define a language when sending multilingual email messages

To define the language of a template that is sent to a customer Creatio verifies:

1.Whether the preferred language is populated on the contact page.

If the field is populated, the template in the specified language will be sent to the recipient.

If the field is not populated, Creatio will switch to the next verification stage.

2.Whether the language of mailbox from which the email is sent is specified (only for Creatio service products).

If the language of the mailbox is specified, the email in mailbox language will be sent to the recipient.

If the language of the mailbox is not specified, Creatio will switch to the next verification stage.

3.Whether the [Default language for messages] system setting is populated.

If the system setting is populated, the email in the system setting language will be sent to the recipient.

If the system setting is not populated, the email in the system default language will be sent to the recipient.

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