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This article lists keyboard shortcuts available in Creatio (a.k.a. “Hot keys”). Using keyboard shortcuts improves your efficiency by decreasing the time spent on frequent micro operations, such as saving mini pages, navigating lists, working with the campaign designer.

In the below table, you can find the most often used keyboard shortcuts.


The table contains the shortcuts used for Windows OS. For Mac OS, use the “Command” key instead of “Ctrl”

Section list

Select multiple adjacent records.
Click the first record, press and hold the Shift key, and then click the last record.

Shift + click the record

Select multiple separate records.

Ctrl + click the record

Move up and down the record list. One of the records in the list has to be selected.

↑ and ↓

Open the selected record.


Save the record after editing.

Ctrl + Enter
Ctrl + S

Confirm the action in the dialog windows.


Mini page

Move the cursor to the next field.


Move the cursor to the previous field.

Tab + Shift

Save the mini page.

Shift + S
Ctrl + S

Close the mini page without saving.



Navigate between tags.
To display the full list of tags, press ↓ in the tag selection string.

↑ and ↓

Select and apply tags.


Global search

Search for currently entered value.


The [Activities] section

Navigate the tasks in the chronological order. To do this, select the task and press the key.


Move the selected task up and down the calendar.

↑ and ↓

Move the selected task to previous or next day.

← and →

The [Dashboards] section

Close the opened dashboard tile.


The [CTI panel] tab in the communication panel

Dial the number entered manually.


Campaign designer

Copy selected elements.

Ctrl + C

Paste selected elements.

Ctrl + V

Select all elements.

Ctrl + A

Select multiple separate elements.

Ctrl + click the element

Search for elements.

Ctrl + F

Delete selected elements.


Run the campaign.

Ctrl + Enter

Open help.


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