Financial Services Creatio, sales edition

Introduction to Financial Services Creatio, sales edition

Financial Services Creatio, sales edition can be used to handle a wide range of tasks. These tasks can be grouped into a number of functional blocks.


360° customer view

Contact management

Account management

Customer financial indicators




Lead management

Opportunity management



Financial products

Product management

Financial account management

Card account management



Efficiency tools

Time management

Contract management

Document management

Knowledge management



System designer





Business process automation

Business process management

Case management


Maintaining general information about  accounts and contacts

With the help of the  and  sections Financial Services Creatio, sales edition maintains a centralized customer database. The application can be integrated with social networks, enabling you to populate the contact database with information. The features include locating and merging duplicates, customer segmentation and advanced dashboards tools.

The [Accounts] section

The [Contacts] section

Managing communications

The corporate social network of the bank is designed for the internal discussion and posting news. Financial Services Creatio, sales edition also provides convenient means for maintaining your work schedule and planning future appointments and tasks. The Activities and Feed sections are designed specifically for handling such tasks.

The [Activities] section

The [Feed] section

Application verifier’s home

The Home page section is designed to facilitate the work of application managers. Use the home page to manage cases in a single window with the help of out-of-the-box best practice processes, get instant access to customer's profile, and improve customer experience.

Quickly process tickets in the omnichannel mode, manage incoming and outgoing calls and work with other queue items. Read the feed, keep an eye on the analytical dashboards showing individual and team KPI.

The [Home page] section

Managing loan applications and profiles

Create and process loan applications in the Applications section. Quickly find and offer products that match customer’s needs the best.

Add deal participant profiles based on the information from applications with a single click, to begin processing the borrower’s documents. Track information on the deal participants in the Application forms section and use it to make informed decision on whether to grant or deny loans.

The [Applications] section

The [Application forms] section

Managing leads

The Leads section is designed to manage both new and existing customer needs, and to monitor the sources of each lead.

The Leads section is based on the unique lead management process that you can use to “nurture” leads – from winning a potential customer, through qualification and distribution stages, to handoff. After you added a lead, the system will check the data, create a new account or contact and will guide you through the lead management process suggesting your next possible steps.

The [Leads] section

Managing opportunities

The corporate sale business process, which is the foundation of the Opportunities, represents the world's best practice in bank sales management. The process allows to simultaneously handle a big number of deals as the system suggests the necessary steps for each opportunity phase, from prospecting to signing a contract.

You can use the bank sales pipeline and other analytical statistics to estimate efficiency at each phase of an opportunity and to determine the bottlenecks.

The [Opportunities] section

Sales forecasting

Make sure your goals are achieved with Financial Services Creatio, sales edition forecasting tools. You can easily plan bank sales volumes by managers, accounts or industries. Compare indicators across periods and apply smart filtering tools to get the information you need within a matter of seconds.

Evaluate the probability of meeting bank sales quotas using the plan vs. actual analysis tools in Creatio. When calculating results the system takes into account both, the amount of closed deals and the amount of opportunities in the pipeline with their probabilities of closure. With the help of Financial Services Creatio, sales edition, managers can easily analyze bank sales reps efficiency and make the process of reaching bank sales goals transparent and clear.

The [Forecasts] section

Field bank sales

Manage your field force whereever they are. Create a schedule of meetings for each bank sales rep. View bank sales rep locations on the map, keep track of planned meetings using geolocation and bank sales rep check-ins. Leverage the data to analyze the efficiency of the department.

The system can promptly hint on the appropriate actions at each step of your visit to the customer: check-in, goods display monitoring, demo, product selection or placing an order. Each field bank sales representative can place the results on record in the system immediately after the meeting.

Easily manage all contracts, related specifications and additional agreements using Financial Services Creatio, sales edition. Attach electronic versions and photo copies of contracts, keep track of contracts details and history of amendments. From the given order the system allows you to quickly create several contracts for different accounts, copying all the parameters from the same order. Receive orders from a mobile device instantly during a meeting. The system will help to monitor SKUs and to quickly suggest the best product based on the order history.

Field bank sales

Managing contracts

To add information about the contracts, track its status and validity period, use the Contracts section. The system allows you to view the individual parameters of each contract, for example, loan value and interest rate for the loan agreement; or currency and fee amount for the current agreement for opening a bank account.

To add information about commercial documentation such as contracts, agreements and specifications, track its status and validity period, use the Contracts section. The system allows you to store information about the contract amount, account's banking details, products in the contract and other data.

Also, Financial Services Creatio, sales edition features a standard approval process that allows you to automate commercial document approval procedure.

The [Contracts] section

Managing documents

Use the Documents section to manage commercial documents, such as regulations, meeting minutes and correspondence. At the same time, you can attach a soft copy of the document for a quick access to its contents.

The [Documents] section

Managing products

The Products section of Financial Services Creatio, sales edition maintains information about bank product parameters. Products can be added in the system manually or by importing them from an Excel file. The folders can be used to consolidate records by different criteria.

The user-customizable product catalog is intended for structuring large number of records. Catalog, groups and advanced search options enable you to match the optimal set of services for the customers.

The [Products] section

Managing financial accounts and cards

Due to CRM system integration with the in-house bank accounting system, you can accumulate information about cards, current and deposit accounts in Financial Services Creatio, sales edition. The Accounts and Cards sections display relevant information about the existing bank products, products in stock, status and other account or card parameters.

The [Financial accounts] section

The [Cards] section

Financial indicators

Use the Financial indicators section to analyze the information about the number of current accounts with the customer, account balance, total revenue, amount of accounts receivable and accounts payable and other aggregates of account activity. You may browse the data as a list of records or in the form of summary charts and diagrams. To have a full understanding of customers' revenue, compare target and actual values, analyze the dynamics of change over the period, view data by accounts, customers and segment.

The [Financial indicators] section

Managing knowledge

Knowledge base is the source for work-related information for employees. Here, you can store answers to the most frequently asked questions, excerpts from documents, bank regulations and other useful information. The articles can be supplemented with files or links to web sources, consolidated in groups, and commented on.

The [Knowledge base] section


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