Financial Services Creatio, customer journey edition

 The [Accounts] section

All information about customer companies, partners, contractors or suppliers, that you interact with are stored in the [Accounts] section, up-to-date and easily accessible at any time.

Use the [Accounts] section of Creatio to keep record of account information, track connections between companies, group companies by various criteria and analyze the relevant statistics. For example, data on the number of employees can be used to estimate the size of the company.


The section has several views:

  • btn_com_list_view.png — list of accounts. displays accounts  as a list of records. The list columns are covered in the description of the account page below.

  • btn_com_analytics.png – account analytics displays charts, indicators and ratings that can be used to analyze accounts.Read more >>>


Account page

Record profile

The [General information] tab

The [Contacts and structure] tab

The [Timeline] tab

The [Connected to] tab

The [History] tab

The [Attachments and notes] tab

The [Feed] tab

Finding and merging duplicates

The [Accounts] section actions

How to merge several companies into one holding/company group

How to view the history of a holding/company group activities

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