Manage a list

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Creatio can display data in app sections and on some pages as lists. A list is an index of records. Each record contains a set of fields (columns). By default, Creatio displays list data as a simple table. Each record corresponds to a single row.

The list displays emails and URLs as links. Click an URL to open the web page in a new tab. Click an email to open the new email window of the default email client. You can display some other values in the list as links to enable users to open Creatio records quickly. For example, you can display the value of the Owner field as a link to enable users to open the page of the record owner from the list.

Users can customize the appearance of a list, its field group, and the data sorting parameters individually (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Set up a list
  • To add a column to the list, click btn_add_ke.png in the top right. This opens a window. Specify the needed columns in the window → Select.

  • To delete a column from the list, click btn_dots_menu.png to the right of its title → Hide.

  • To freeze a column, click btn_dots_menu.png to the right of its title → Freeze.

  • To unfreeze a column, click btn_dots_menu.png to the right of its title → Unfreeze.

  • To resize a column, drag the dividing line to the right of the column title right to increase the size or left to reduce it.

    Fig. 2 Resize a column
  • To move a column, drag its title cell to the new place.

  • To sort the list records, select a column by which to sort the data and click btn_sort_list.png next to its title. Click again to change the sorting order: btn_sort_up.png for ascending order or btn_sort_down.png for descending order.

  • To disable sorting, click btn_sort_up.png or btn_sort_down.png to the right of the column title until the color changes to gray btn_sort_list.png.

  • To reset to default settings, click btn_dots_menu.png in the top right → Reset to default list settings.

  • System administrators and users that have permissions to the “List setup for all users” (“CanCreateDefaultGridSettings” code) system operation can save their list settings as default settings for all users. To do this, click in the top right → Save list settings for all users If a user has custom list settings applied, Creatio does not override them. However, it applies the saved settings when a user resets to default settings.