Set up a [Label] component

All Creatio products

Use Label components to add captions to pages and page areas as well as to display information that contains the current user data.

Example. Set up a Label component that displays the first name of the current user to the HR KPI panel on a list page.

Fig. 1 Set up the Label component
  1. Drag a Label component to the canvas and open the component setup area.
  2. Enter the label text to display on the app page in the Text parameter. You can use macros that follow the [#CurrentUser.<Field>#] pattern, where <Field> is a field included in the Current user group of email macros. Learn more about macros in a separate article: Personalize email content with macros.

    For this example, enter “Hello, [#CurrentUser.Recipient Name#]!” You can click the set_title_field_localization.png button to the right to localize the text to other languages you are going to use in the app. Learn more about localizing Freedom UI elements in a separate article: Localize a Freedom UI element.

  3. Select the label style to display on the app page in the Style parameter. Required. For this example, select “Headline 3.”
  4. Select the font format in the Format parameter. Required. For this example, select “Normal.”
  5. Select the text alignment option in the Align parameter. For this example, select left.
  6. Select the text color in the Text color parameter. For this example, change the color to black.
  7. Select the label background color in the Background color parameter. For this example, leave the color transparent.
  8. Click the btn_visible.png or btn_not_visible.png button in the Visibility group to make the component visible or invisible by default on the page, respectively. For this example, leave the component visible.
  9. Click Setup conditions in the Visibility group to set up element business rules. For this example, do not add business rules. Learn more about setting up business rules in a separate article: Set up business rules.
  10. View the unique label code in the page schema in the Element code parameter. The parameter is populated automatically and non-editable.

As a result, Creatio will add a label that displays the business phone of the current user contact to the request page.