Requirements calculator

System requirements are averaged for the entire user workflow.
At times of high application load, the values may differ from the target values.
The system requirements are not designed to allow all users to perform heavy operations at the same time.
Caching and application warmup significantly overload the system.
Application type

This will determine the type of the Creatio application. It does not affect the requirements for the OS of other servers (database, caching, etc.), as well as the requirements for client computers (workstations of Creatio users).

The Application Server for the Creatio on .NET Framework can be deployed on Windows using IIS.

The Application Server for the Creatio on .NET 6 can be deployed on Windows as well as on Linux. For the production environment we recommend to use Linux application server.


Specify the number of users who will be actively working in Creatio. The number of users is the main criterion for calculating hardware requirements.

Bulk emails
Deployment scheme

The fault tolerant deployment scheme includes additional components such as a load balancer and additional servers.

Recovery mode

Full recovery mode requires more space on the server’s hard drive.

Version control system

Creatio sites used as a dedicated development environment require additional component: version control repository for change management. Development and no-code configuration are available on sites without a version control repository.

Containerized components

Additional services required for the full operation of the application - data retrieval, working with mail, deduplication, machine learning models. Installation requires a separate container virtualization server.

Сontainerized components

Integrates Creatio with the ElasticSearch search engine. Used to search for data in Creatio from the command line.

Needed to find and merge duplicates in Creatio sections. Not used without a global search component.

It is used for the work of AI tools - predicting values in fields, generating a rating for records, lists of recommendations, etc.

Integrates Creatio with MS Exchange and IMAP / SMTP mail services. Used to work with emails.