Package architecture in Studio Creatio 8.1


Modified package architecture is available for Studio Creatio 8.1 and later.

We modified the package architecture in Studio Creatio 8.1 and saved the new architecture to updated Studio. Studio was changed significantly and now contains only Freedom UI Designer that lets you develop Freedom UI apps.

Studio Compatibility Edition (CE) contains the functionality of Studio Creatio version 8.0.6 or earlier. Since Studio CE contains packages version 8.0.6 or earlier, your developed apps will work. Package architecture of Studio CE preserves customizations made in the earlier Creatio versions and depends on the package architecture of updated Studio to ensure backward compatibility.

The updated Studio has the following specifics:

  • Does not contain ready-to-use functionality that solves business problems. For example, Contacts, Accounts, Activities sections, etc.
  • Does not include packages that contain app functionality.
  • Includes a minimum required set of packages that contain the Classic UI functionality.

You can use Studio free of charge within the existing restrictions.

Studio lets you install any app that solves specific business problems from Creatio Marketplace or develop your own apps using Freedom UI Designer.

Package architecture 

Studio CE uses the same package architecture as Studio Creatio 8.0.6 or earlier. View the architecture in the figure below.

Studio does not contain base Studio CE packages, for example, ProductCore, Base, etc., but has similar packages that have the Crt prefix. This is a vendor prefix Creatio uses for packages developed using Angular. Packages that have the Crt prefix contain app functionality that is identical to packages without the prefix in Studio CE. The version of these packages matches the Creatio version. Classic UI app functionality developed using ExtJS is stored in dedicated packages.

View the Studio package architecture in the figure below.

Studio and Studio CE are connected via the Base Studio CE package. View the connection chart between Studio and Studio CE in the figure below.

If Studio has composable apps installed, the Studio and Studio CE connection chart remains the same.


Composable apps depend on the CrtCore Studio package and do not depend on Studio CE packages. For example, view the connection chart between Studio that contains Customer 360 composable app and Studio CE in the figure below.