Bound data structure


The SysPackageDataLcz localization table 

An additional table is used for storing localized bound data:

 SysPackageDataLcz table columns
Column name Description
Id Unique identifier.
SysPackageSchemaDataId A reference to the unique binding identifier in the SysPackageSchemaData table.
SysCultureId Unique culture identifier reference.
Data Localized data.

Attention. The binding mechanism interface is identical to that of the previous versions.

Creating a binding 

If a schema does not contain localized columns, the bound data for this schema is still stored in the SysPackageSchemaData table. Data binding for a schema with localized columns:

  • The bound data is still stored in the SysPackageSchemaData table.
  • The SysPackageDataLcz table contains localized bindings data.
  • Every record in SysPackageDataLcz corresponds with a record in SysPackageSchemaData, with a reference to the unique SysCultureId identifier. For example, if two cultures (English and Spanish) are installed in the system, each entry in the SysPackageSchemaData table will correspond to entries in the SysPackageDataLcz table, with a reference to the corresponding record identifier in the SysPackageSchemaData table, and the culture identifier in the SysCulture table.

Installing bound data 

Installing data for a schema without localized columns is done in the corresponding schema table. If the data includes any localized values (i.e. there are corresponding records in the SysPackageDataLcz table), the installation occurs not only in the corresponding schema table, but also in its localized Sysschema_nameLcz table.

For example, the bound data for the ContactType schema is installed. Non-localized data is installed in the ContactType table, and the localized data is installed in the ContactType table (default culture values), and the SysContactTypeLcz table (the values of all other cultures included in the binding and in the system).

Attention. If you are working with a system schema (the name begins with the “Sys” prefix), then the “Sys” prefix is not re-added to the localization table. For example, if the schema name is SysTest1, the localized data table name will be SysTest1Lcz, and not SysSysTest1Lcz.

Storing data in SVN 

SVN data storing structure

Non-localized data is stored in the data.json file. All localized data is located in the corresponding files in the Localization subdirectory. For example, for the Country schema of the Base package, the data is localized for only two languages and stored in the corresponding files - data.en-US.json and