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Version: 8.1All Creatio products

Set up landing page integration

This functionality is available in all configurations containing the Landing pages and web forms section.

Customers who have their Creatio application deployed on-site may need to perform additional setup to have the HTML code displayed correctly on the landing page. It is required when according to URL safety rules the URL displayed in the user's browser must be different from the one used for external access to Creatio. For example, when the URL gets blocked by the firewall.

To set up landing pages:

  1. Go to System Designer → System settings.
  2. Open the “Landing pages data collection service URL” system setting in the Landing pages section settings folder.
  3. In the Default value field, enter the external URL of your Creatio application, for example,, and save your settings.

As a result, the HTML code embedded in your landing page will use the correct URL to call the web service for creating a new lead in Creatio, for example:

serviceUrl: "http://mysite.creatio-marketing/ServiceModel/GeneratedWebFormService.svc/SaveWebFormLeadData"

If you use a secure connection protocol, enter the URL and specify https:// in it. The web service call address, in this case, will be as follows:

serviceUrl: "https://mysite.creatio-marketing/ServiceModel/GeneratedWebFormService.svc/SaveWebFormLeadData"

By default, this setting is not configured and the application URL is generated automatically.

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