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7.17.3 release notes

Release date:

We at Creatio are constantly working to deliver advanced capabilities to accelerate your sales, service, and marketing processes. Here are the new features included in Creatio version 7.17.3.

The update guide for on-site applications is available in a separate article.

Low-code Platform

BPM tools

Permissions to run a process

  • It is now possible to grant permissions to run a particular business process on the process’s Properties page without opening the Process Designer. This streamlines the permission setup flow and helps the system administrator to manage permissions based on process folders. For instance, they can grant permissions to run case-related processes to support team and its managers. These permissions affect only manually-launched business processes and only the users without "Can run business processes" system operation permission.
Setting up permissions to run a business process
Setting up permissions to run a business process

Process files

  • The report files generated by business processes can now have custom file name patterns. You can set up the pattern in the Process file  element’s new File name  parameter. This parameter will appear if the file source in the element settings is set to “Generated report.”

    New parameter in the Process file element's settings
    New parameter in the Process file element's settings
  • New file source in the Process file element: a process parameter.

Send emails

  • Improved the localized template selection algorithm in the Send email  element. If the To  field has contacts with different preferred languages or the preferred language is not specified for some recipients, the message will use the default language.


Creatio with .NET Core

  • Incoming HTTP request logging is now available for Creatio products using .NET Core platform. You can configure logging in the “RequestLogging” section of the appsettings.json configuration file.

User management

  • Improved the automatic user session extension algorithm. There were possible scenarios in the previous version where the session would not get extended automatically.
  • Streamlined the flow to unblock users Creatio blocked for entering an incorrect password several times in a row. The system administrator can now unblock users by clicking the  Unblock  button on the relevant user’s page.
Unblocking a user
Unblocking a user


  • Starting from version 7.17.4, you will need to request new licenses and specify the Creatio version you are going to use before updating on-site deployed Creatio instance. This will streamline the update flow as the new licenses will support the specified version and earlier.


Web services

  • It is now possible to integrate SOAP web services automatically. The integration wizard lets you upload a relevant WSDL or XSD file in a couple of clicks. You can select only the necessary web service methods and their parameters. Creatio will set up the web service integration with the corresponding options. The web service call code will be generated automatically based on the uploaded file.
Setting up the SOAP web service integration
Setting up the SOAP web service integration


  • Cisco Finesse integration libraries were updated. New libraries support Cisco Finesse 11.5 and later. If you need to integrate an older Cisco Finesse version, contact Creatio support.


Notification center

  • Communication panel now processes a large quantity of new notifications faster.

Development tools

Configuration settings

  • Creatio now checks for the prefix from the “Prefix for object name” system setting (“SchemaNamePrefix” code) when setting up configuration elements. If the element has no prefix, Creatio will display a hint in the relevant field.
  • Creatio will now generate the schema heading and name automatically during the configuration element’s setup. The heading and the name will include the prefix from the “Prefix for object name” (“SchemaNamePrefix” code) system setting.

Work with packages

  • Data transfer errors between packages are now displayed in an easy-to-analyze table format. 

  • Specifying objects for data connection is now easier. The new multiple-choice option lets you select:

    • several objects from the list;
    • several objects that meet several filter conditions;
    • all objects that meet one filter condition.
    Specifying objects for data connection
    Specifying objects for data connection

Work with the source code

  • It is now possible to work with the code in full-screen mode. The mode also supports hotkeys. You can review the list of available key combinations in the source code editor’s hint  section.

Work with data

  • The previously announced removal of deprecated API data management methods was delayed to the version 7.17.4.

CRM Tools

Base interface and system capabilities


  • It is now possible to use bot platforms for the initial processing of messages from Facebook messenger channel. This will help you to reduce the chat agents’ workload. Should a bot be unable to process a client’s request, the chat will be transferred to an agent, including the client’s bot conversation history. The bot platform has to support Handover Protocol.

  • For better usability, Complete chat  and Find similar contacts  actions are now displayed as buttons in the open chat.

    Complete chat and Find similar contacts buttons
    Complete chat and Find similar contacts buttons
  • Added an option to quickly switch among chats. Agents can see all the chats they are currently processing along with the number of messages in each chat at the bottom of an active chat. Chats are displayed in chronological order.

    Quickly switching among chats
    Quickly switching among chats


  • Managers can now hide notifications for approvals assigned to their subordinates. By default, the managers can see these notifications due to the permission hierarchy. This functionality helps to expedite the approval requests and reduces the time spent managing notifications.
Managing approval notifications
Managing approval notifications

Import from Excel

  • You can now save the following Excel import parameters as a template: object, column mapping, and deduplication rules. The template can be used later to make data import easier.
Saving data import template
Saving data import template

Marketing tools


  • Updated the campaign elements' visual design.

    The campaign elements' new visual design
    The campaign elements' new visual design
  • Added a new Eliminate duplicates  element. It analyzes the campaign’s audience according to the rules you specify and suspends the duplicate participants.

    Setting up the Eliminate duplicates element
    Setting up the Eliminate duplicates element
  • Added a new Random split  element. It randomly moves the participants to different campaign flows. Use this to set up control groups and for A/B testing.

Sales tools


  • It is now possible to drill down the data used to populate the columns in each saved version of the forecast. This functionality is only available for the forecast versions saved after updating Creatio to 7.17.3.

Service tools


  • It is now possible to automatically grant the portal users access to connected service agreements and configuration items. The users will only have access to records where they are listed as service recipients.
  • To set up this feature, add the relevant clients to service agreements and configuration items (Service recipients and Users  details, respectively). The portal user or an organization these clients are a part of will receive reading permissions. You can toggle this feature by editing the “Enable rights on service agreements and conf items for portal users“’ system setting (“EnableRightsOnServiceObjects” code).

Financial services Creatio

Product catalog

  • Split product features and customer parameters in the Product details  detail to separate tabs for better usability. You can switch the parameters between the tabs in the Parameters  lookup.