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Version: 8.1

Set up the app UI

Level: beginner

Use No-Code Designer to configure the UI of your app quickly and easily. The setup process is similar for every app and consists of the following steps:

  1. Create an app. Learn more: Manage apps.
  2. Configure the app sections. Learn more: Set up the app sections.
  3. Configure the all list pages (optional).
  4. Configure the app form pages. You can configure other Freedom UI pages in a similar way. Learn more: Set up the app form pages.
  5. Configure the app mini pages (optional). This enables users to add records quickly and easily. Learn more: Set up the app mini pages.
  6. Configure typified app pages (optional). This lets you set up different form pages for different user types. Learn more: Set up typified app pages.
  7. Configure custom form pages for the existing object. Learn more: Create a custom Freedom UI page for an existing object.
  8. Configure pages for external users. Learn more: Create Freedom UI pages for external users.

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