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Version: 8.1

Terminate end event

Level: beginner

Use the Terminate event (Fig. 1) to terminate a process instance immediately. This event is the last element in the process diagram.

Fig. 1 Terminate end event
Fig. 1 Terminate end event

Unless a Terminate event is activated in a process instance, it will remain active, until canceled in the Process log section.

Terminate end event operation


When the Terminate end event incoming flow is activated, the whole business process terminates. If there are any process elements that have not been executed before activation of the Terminate end event incoming flow, such elements are disregarded.


The Terminate end event is not supposed to have any outgoing flows. Any process parameter values will be recorded as the outgoing parameter values of the completed process instance.


Business processes with several branches that have the Terminate end event in them may end as soon as the first branch activates the Terminate event. The other branches in this case will not be executed.

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