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Version: 8.1

Dropdown component

Level: beginner

Dropdown is a component that lets you set up a drop-down list on an app page. The Dropdown component uses its own <input> and <label> elements to ensure the availability by default. The aria-label attribute is generated automatically and contains the label displayed using the <label> element.


id string

The unique ID. Service field.

control FormControl


label string

Label of the drop-down list.

ariaLabel string

A property mapped to the aria-label element attribute. Uses the label property value by default.

value NullableLookupValue

Object of the drop-down list element.

disabled boolean

The flag that locks the drop-down list from editing.

readonly boolean

The flag that sets the drop-down list to read-only. By default, false.

items LookupValue[]

Elements of the drop-down list. By default, [].

rowModeSizePx number

The width of the drop-down list row. By default, 320.

debounceTime number

The search delay duration, in milliseconds. By default, 500.