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Version: 8.1

Checkbox component

Level: beginner

Checkbox is a component that lets you set up a checkbox on an app page.


id string

The unique ID. Service field.

value boolean

The flag that specifies the checkbox status. By default, false.

disabled boolean

The flag that locks the checkbox from editing. By default, false.

inversed boolean

The flag that inverts the checkbox style. By default, false.

label string

The checkbox title.

ariaLabel string

The checkbox property mapped to the aria-label element attribute. Learn more about the aria-label attribute in the official Mozilla documentation.

labelPosition string

Specifies where to display the checkbox title. By default, auto.

Available values


Move the checkbox title automatically when the available screen space for the input changes. By default, to the left. When shrunk, above.


Display the title to the left of the checkbox.


Display the title to the right of the checkbox.


Hide the checkbox title.


Display the title above the checkbox.


valueChange boolean

Fires when the checkbox value changes.