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Version: 8.1

Test requests using Postman

Level: intermediate

Adding a request

There are two ways of adding a request in Postman:

  • Open the Create New tab, then in the Building blocks click NewRequest.

  • In the dropdown menu of the New button, click Request.

Populate the fields in the new request window:

New request fields

Field name


Request name

The name of the new request.

Request description (Optional)

Additional information about the request (optional).

Search for a collection or folder

Search for an earlier created collection of requests, or create a new one.

New request window
New request window

Populate the fields and click Save. The button becomes active only after the Search for a collection or folder field is populated.

Setting up the request

To set up the request:

  1. Select the request method.

  2. Enter the request string.

  3. Set the data format of the request. Go to the Body tab, select the “raw” option and JSON type.

  4. Populate the request body for POST and PATCH methods.

  5. Go to the Headers tab and set the headers.

    Accept: application/json
    Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
    ForceUseSession: true

Executing the request

To execute a request, click Send.

Saving the request

To save a request, click Save.

We recommend using Postman for testing queries when developing integrations with Creatio via OData.