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Version: 8.1

BatchQuery class

Level: advanced

Batch queries are used to minimize requests to DataServise, which improves application performance. Packet query is a collection that contains a custom set of DataService requests. The query data is transferred to DataService via HTTP, with the help of POST by the URL.

// URL format of the batch POST query to DataService.
http(s)://[Creatio application address]/[Configuration number]/dataservice/[Data fromat]/reply/BatchQuery

The data that comprises a batch query can be passed in different formats. One of the more convenient formats is JSON.

Structure of a batch query in JSON format
"items": [
"__type": "[Full qualified name of the query type]",
//One-time query contents.
// Other one-time queries.

To generate the contents of one-time queries that comprise a batch query, use the following data constants: InsertQuery, SelectQuery, UpdateQuery and DeleteQuery.