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Version: 8.1

First app description

Level: beginner

Task description


Automate the workflow of a fitness center.

  1. Add a new Classes section to the Sales workplace.
  2. Create the group exercise timetable in the Classes section.
  3. A new daily class can only be created if there is an unoccupied gym. The number of the fitness center’s gyms is set via a system setting and equals 4.
  4. A list of group exercises can be added to each class.

Preliminary settings

Develop this sample Creatio application based on Sales Creatio.

A cloud or locally installed Creatio instance is required. The easiest deployment option is using the 14-day free trial demo version.

Ensure that the current user can access the Configuration section. This section lets users customize Creatio using developer tools.

Create a development package

A package is an encapsulated set of particular functionality. You can transfer packages between environments (e.g., export and install in other Creatio applications) and share them with other users on Creatio Marketplace.

Manage packages in the Creatio IDE implemented in the Configuration section.

To create a package:

  1. Go to the Configuration section.

    1. Click to open the System Designer.

    2. Click Advanced settings in the Admin area block.

  2. Click in the package workspace to create a package.

  3. Fill out the package properties:

    • Name – "TryItPackage";
    • Description – “The “Try it” section’s example package".
  4. Add package dependencies

    For Creatio sections to be customized, and for base object and client module templates to be used, it is necessary to configure package dependencies.

    To add package dependencies:

    1. Click Create and add dependencies.

    2. Set the "SalesEnterprise” package as a dependency in the Depends on packages detail on the Dependencies tab.

The created package will be used further in this example.


We strongly recommend against using the “Custom” package for development.

Override the current package

Change the “Current package” system setting before starting the development:

  1. Click to open the System Designer.

  2. Click System settings in the System setup block.

  3. Select the “Current package” setting (CurrentPackageId code).

  4. Select "TryItPackage” in the Default value field.

Click Save.


Specify the created custom package in the “Current package” system setting (CurrentPackageId code) before using no-code tools (e. g. the Section Wizard and the Detail Wizard).

On this step, we have configured the development package and set it as the current Creatio package. Set up the new section’s interface using the built-in no-code tools on the next step.

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