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Version: 8.1

Client schema (Freedom UI)

Level: beginner

The client schema is a client module schema required to implement the front-end part of Creatio. Client schema is an element of a Creatio package. The purpose of the client schema is to save and deploy the properties of Creatio parts (application, section, pop-up box, etc.). Learn more about module types and their specificities in a separate article: Module types and their specificities.

The Freedom UI page type of the client module schema represents the client schema for Creatio 8 Atlas and later. Learn more about creating a Freedom UI page in a separate article: Client module. Client schema belongs to the Schema layer (the metadata layer) of the DesignTime mode in the Creatio platform and contains the settings of the RunTime mode layers.

View the structural items of the Schema layer and its interaction pattern with other structural items in the Creatio platform in the figure below.

Learn more about DesignTime and RunTime modes in a separate article: Creatio front-end architecture.

The source code of client schemas has a generic structure available below.

Source code of a client schema
define("ExampleSchema", [], function() {
return {

Token comments of client schema sections are required.

View the client schema sections in the table below.

Client schema sections



(modelConfig for Creatio version 8.0)

Handles the description of the Model layer’s data sources.


Handles the generation of the View layer.

(viewModelConfig for Creatio version 8.0)

Handles the generation of the ViewModel layer. The layer contains the business logic for interaction of the View and Model layers.


Functions that check whether the ViewModel attribute value is correct.


Functions that modify the value of the ViewModel attribute bound to a property of the visual component.


Items of the HandlerChain mechanism which enables you to describe business logic as an action request and a chain of handlers.

Learn more about layers in a separate article: Front-end Creatio architecture.

Creatio version 8.1 and later lets you store attributes in page properties in ways that let you overwrite or update array items entirely and prevent issues with non-removable filter items from predefined filters or any other object properties. The following schema sections were replaced:

  • viewModelConfig schema section was replaced with the new viewModelConfigDiff schema section.
  • modelConfig schema section was replaced with the new modelConfigDiff schema section.

Describe the client schema sections in JSON. Implement the behavior of the validators, converters, handlers schema sections in JavaScript.

Learn more about page customization in a separate article: Page customization.

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