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Version: 8.1

ProcessUserTask class

Level: intermediate

Terrasoft.Core.Process namespace.

Terrasoft.Core.Process.ProcessUserTask class implements the base user task mechanism. Replace methods in a custom class that inherits from the ProcessUserTask class. The methods that the User Task Designer lets you replace in the descendant class of the ProcessUserTask class depend on the user task type.


protected virtual bool InternalExecute(ProcessExecutingContext context)

Executes the base user task mechanism. If you need to complete the user task and call the CompleteExecuting() or CancelExecuting() method later, return false. Return true otherwise. If the method returns true, the element execution finishes (i. e., Creato sets the element status to Completed ) and the process execution continues. If the method returns false, Creatio interrupts the execution of the element and process. However, the element retains the Running status. Replace the method for interactive and non-interactive user task types.



The process execution scope. The ProcessExecutingContext type value.

public virtual bool CompleteExecuting(params object[] parameters)

Call after the user task completion. Must call the base.CompleteExecuting(parameters) base method. Returns true. Replace the method for interactive user task type.



The array of parameters that are passed when calling IProcessEngine.CompleteExecuting.

public virtual void CancelExecuting(params object[] parameters)

Call when interrupting the process element execution. Performs a compensation, i. e., cancels activities created in the InternalExecute() method, linked records, etc. Replace the method for interactive user task type.



Array of parameters. Required for backward compatibility.

protected internal virtual void WriteExecutionData(IProcessExecutionDataWriter dataWriter)

Passes additional data required when opening the page of the user task element. The IProcessExecutionDataWriter interface writes the values.



Instance of the IProcessExecutionDataWriter interface. Serializes the values.