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Version: 8.1

Execute operations in the background

Level: intermediate

Execute operations in the background to run time-consuming operations without holding up the UI.

The Terrasoft.Core.Tasks.Task class implements the StartNew() and StartNewWithUserConnection() methods that start background operations. You can use base .NET data types (e. g., string, int, Guid, etc) or custom types as parameters. Unlike StartNew(), the StartNewWithUserConnection() method runs background operations that require the UserConnection user connection.

The MessagePack-CSharp module converts parameters accepted by the background operation to a byte array. View the implementation on the MessagePack-CSharp module on GitHub. If the module cannot serialize or deserialize a parameter value, the module will throw an exception.


We recommend against using infinite loops in background operations as they block other Creatio tasks.

Describe the execution of an asynchronous operation in an individual class that must implement the IBackgroundTask<in TParameters> interface.

IBackgroundTask<in TParameters> interface
namespace Terrasoft.Core.Tasks {
public interface IBackgroundTask <in TParameters> {
void Run(TParameters parameters);

If the action requires a user connection, implement the IUserConnectionRequired interface in the class as well.

IUserConnectionRequired interface
namespace Terrasoft.Core {
public interface IUserConnectionRequired {
void SetUserConnection(UserConnection userConnection);

Implement the methods of the Run and SetUserConnection interfaces in the class that implements the IBackgroundTask<in TParameters> and IUserConnectionRequired interfaces.

Good to know when implementing the methods:

  • Do not pass UserConnection to the Run method.
  • Do not call the SetUserConnection method from the Run method. The application core calls this method and initializes a UserConnection instance when the background operation starts.
  • Pass structures that comprise only simple data types to the Run method. Complex class instances are highly likely to cause parameter serialization errors.


GitHub (MessagePack-CSharp module implemenation)