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Version: 8.0

Main menu overview

Level: beginner

The main menu is displayed in the working area (1) of the UI after the application has been loaded. The main menu can be opened using the Menu button located at the top (3) of the side panel (2).

Main menu commands used for opening system sections are also available in the section area (5) of the side panel (2). The list of available section navigation commands depends on the selected workplace (4).

Two schemas correspond to the main menu: the base schema of the ApplicationMainMenu business object and the product main menu schema inherited from the base product main menu schema SimpleIntro. For the SalesEnterprise product, the main menu schema is named EnterpriseIntro.

The element composition of the main menu UI depends on the product. All elements are placed in corresponding containers that are set up in the base or inherited schema of the main menu. The primary containers of the SalesEnterprise product include:

  • Menu main container (MainContainer), which contains all main menu elements.
  • Section and setting container (LeftContainer), which contains areas for commands that open sections and settings.
  • Resource container (RightContainer), which contains areas with links to various resources.
  • Base functionality container (BasicTile), which contains commands for opening sections that are available in all products.
  • Sales container (SalesTile), which contains commands for opening sections of the Sales product family.
  • Analytics container (AnalyticsTile), which contains command for opening the Dashboards section.
  • Settings container (SettingsTile), which contains commands for opening the settings sections.
  • Video container (VideoPanel), which contains video player and name of the linked video.
  • Link container (LinksContainer), which contains links to training web resources and social networks.
  • Mobile app links container (MobileAppLinksPanel), which contains links to Creatio mobile app in various app stores.