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Version: 8.0

DataService basics

Level: advanced

The Creatio DataService web service is a RESTfull service. RESTful is a quite simple information management interface that doesn't use any additional internal layers, i.e., the data doesn't need to be converted to any third-party format, such as XML. In a simple RESTful service, each record is uniquely identified by a global identifier such as URL. Each URL, in turn, has a strictly specified format. However, this service is not always convenient for transferring large amounts of data.

With the use of the DataService, the data can be automatically configured in various data formats such as XML, JSON, HTML, CSV, and JSV. The data structure is determined by data contracts.

The full list and description of the DataService data contracts is displayed on table.

The Creatio application DataService services




Add section record query class.


Update section record query class.


Delete section record query class.


Select section record query class.


Package query class.


Filter class.

Restrictions when using DataService

When using DataService, take into account the following restrictions:

  1. Maximum number of records that you can obtain by request is specified in the MaxEntityRowCount (the default value is 20000). You can change the system setting value in the .\Terrasoft.WebApp\Web.config file.


    We do not recommend changing the MaxEntityRowCount system setting. This may lead to performance issues. We recommend using the page-oriented display implemented in the "IsPageable" and "RowCount" properties of the SelectQuery data contract.

  2. The number of requests is unlimited.

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