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Version: 8.0

Export a package from SVN using WorkspaceConsole

Level: intermediate

Export the package from the SVN repository to the Default workspace directory.

  • C:\creatio is the Creatio installation directory.
  • C:\SavedPackages is the package export directory.
  • C:\WorkingCopy is the export directory of the package structure in the SVN repository.
  • http://server-svn:8050/Packages is the SVN repository URL.
  • sdkTestPackage is the package to export from the SVN repository.
  • 7.18.1 is the version of the package to export from the SVN repository.
  • "User" is the login of the SVN repository user.
  • "Password" is the password of the SVN repository user.
  • en-EN is the language culture.
  • C:\Logs is the export directory of the operation log file.

1. Configure the command for the package export from the SVN repository

  1. Create a *.bat or *.cmd Windows batch file in a text editor.

  2. Add the command that runs the utility to the file.

    Command that runs the utility
    C:\creatio\Terrasoft.WebApp\DesktopBin\WorkspaceConsole\Terrasoft.Tools.WorkspaceConsole.exe -operation=SaveVersionSvnContent -workspaceName=Default -destinationPath=C:\SavedPackages -workingCopyPath=C:\WorkingCopy -sourcePath=http://server-svn:8050/Packages -packageName=sdkTestPackage -packageVersion=7.18.1 -sourceControlLogin=User -sourceControlPassword=Password -cultureName=en-EN -excludeDependentPackages=true -logPath=C:\Logs

    Save the batch file.

2. Export the package from SVN

To export the package from SVN, double-click the batch file name.

This will open the console that will output the execution process of the operation specified in the corresponding WorkspaceConsole command.

As a result, the utility will export the sdkTestPackage package of the Default configuration to the C:\SavedPackages directory. Learn more about the structure of the directory with the package name: Packages basics).