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Case Management app overview

Use Case Management app provide intelligent, full-cycle service management capabilities that improve all processes related to service delivery, interaction with customers, feedback tracking and analysis, department performance monitoring, and more. Download the app.

Fig. 1 Case Management app
Fig. 1 Case Management app

The purpose of the Cases section is to process support cases of your employees and customers. Cases can be registered automatically and manually. For example, when an employee encounters a problem, they can register the case on their own. Creatio can register cases automatically from calls, emails, webhooks from web pages. Use the Cases section to manage the entire service workflow together with dynamic cases that let you handle issues flexibly. Escalate cases to resolve incidents of any complexity quickly.

Creatio AI technology can streamline case routing. AI determines SLA, priority, and the assignee group automatically for cases registered from emails to the support service.

Case Management app lets you gather and process feedback to enable constant improvement of provided service. Set up feedback collection from your customers using CSAT, NPS or any other metrics your company uses.

The Services section lets you build a comprehensive database of all services your company provides regardless of the size of your support team and scale of your infrastructure. You can use the section to assign services to the relevant team as well as specify the response and resolution time for handling service-related cases related. Creatio adds relevant cases to each service automatically, which lets you assess the quality of provided services.

The Service agreements section lets you arrange different service levels for various customers and partners. This section records individual requirements for each service: a list of service objects, services provided, response and resolution times and a service calendar. Based on the entered data, the application will calculate the response and resolution time for each case.

The Case Management app also lets you:

  • Communicate with your team and customers directly from Creatio via multiple channels, telephony, email, messengers.
  • View and analyze the efficiency of case resolution, percentage of overdue cases, workload of different service lines, and many other parameters by using pre-configured dashboards.

The Case Management app synergizes with other composable apps. For example, after you install the Case Management app, Customer 360 app will include a complete overview of the customer journey through support. This includes: available services, registered cases, and the entire interaction history. You can also use Customer 360 app to augment the case management process by segmenting the database of your contacts and accounts. For example, you can add priority customers to favorites or group companies by industry and employee number, service level and case rate for quick access. You can use this data to build a comprehensive view of the customer and maintain optimal customer relationships.