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Productivity overview

Use the Productivity composable app to organize your working hours, view and plan activities of your subordinates, track interconnections between activities and other Creatio sections, and keep records of completed tasks. Synchronize your working schedule from Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar with Creatio so that you can view your tasks and meetings in a single place.

The app lets you schedule activities that have multiple participants, such as meetings, trainings, and conferences. These activities appear in the schedule of all required participants.

The activities support attachments and links to meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Creatio can remind the activity owner or participant about the activity in the communication panel.

You can view activities as an electronic day planner in the Calendar section for the best daily UX. The section lets you filter records in the calendar by date or participant quickly. It is possible to view the activities of multiple users simultaneously so that you can schedule group activities easier.

Fig. 1 Calendar section
Fig. 1 Calendar section

You can also view activities as a Freedom UI list in the Tasks section so that you can view and edit every single activity record as quickly as possible. For example, this is particularly useful for managers.

Fig. 2 Tasks section
Fig. 2 Tasks section

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