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Version: 8.1Marketing

Marketing Creatio overview

Marketing Creatio is an omnichannel platform that lets you capture and nurture leads.

Marketing Creatio functionality is based on the Creatio no-code platform. The composable architecture enables the functionality to naturally synergize with other Creatio apps and products as well as ready-made solutions on Creatio Marketplace.

With drag-and-drop UI designer, employees that do not have a technical background can expand the workflow in no time without any coding. Creatio platform also includes a comprehensive business process designer.

Currently, the product includes the following composable apps:

  • Customer 360
  • Productivity
  • Knowledge Base
  • Digital ads


  • 360° customer view and customer base segmentation

  • Lead generation

  • Landing page integration

  • Tracking website events and lead sources

  • Ad campaign evaluation

  • Managing multi-channel campaigns

  • Email marketing

  • Managing events

  • Activity management

  • Marketing efficiency evaluation

  • AI tools

  • Creatio Marketplace out-of-the-box solutions, plugins, addons and templates

Marketing Creatio includes all technologies and tools available in Creatio platform. Learn more: Platform overview.

360° customer view and customer base segmentation

Marketing Creatio lets you create and maintain an extensive and detailed customer database. You can add new customers manually, import contacts from an Excel file, or set up automatic registration of new contacts from landing pages. Creatio also maintains the integrity and relevance of your contact dataset by regularly identifying and merging duplicate contact profiles.

The Contacts section provides 360° customer view, complete with socio-demographic data, communication options, preferred communication channels, history of customer activity (both shopping and non-shopping), website behavior, communications and lead registration by channel. The customer contact page also includes a complete history of customer interaction with email campaigns and bulk emails.

Marketing Creatio tools let you segment your customer database into dynamic folders. Use complex sets of conditions to set the target audience for your marketing campaigns and use ultra-personalized communications.

Fig. 1 Contact page
Fig. 1 Contact page

Learn more: Customer 360.

Lead generation

You can capture leads in Marketing Creatio in multiple ways: Facebook, LinkedIn, standalone landing pages, incoming email messages, campaigns, etc. When creating a new lead, Creatio verifies data accuracy and uniqueness. If necessary, new contact records will be added.

Learn more: Lead generation.

Landing page integration

Creatio can update customer and lead database whenever a customer submits a web form on your website. Use the webhook functionality to import almost any type of data to Creatio based on the web forms filled out by your website visitors. For example, after a user submits a web form, Creatio can register a new lead, contact, or event participant.

Fig. 2 Landingi integration
Fig. 2 Landingi integration

Learn more: Lead generation from landing pages and web forms.

Tracking website events and lead sources

Creatio can import data of Matomo service that tracks website activity of customers who fill out web forms. The imported data is displayed in the contact profile. The lead and the contact history displays the full scope of activities, including both individual website actions and entire web sessions. The lead channel and source information will be updated accordingly.

This will help generate a much more detailed customer profile that you can use to design highly personalized communications. Lead channel and source information are instrumental in identifying the most promising channels and increasing the pool of prospects.

Learn more: Website tracking.

Ad campaign evaluation

Use the Ad campaigns section to import data of your Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns to Creatio and use the powerful set of Creatio analytics tools to analyze the efficiency of your ads in a single place.

Fig. 3 Ad campaigns section
Fig. 3 Ad campaigns section

Learn more: Digital Ads.

Managing multi-channel campaigns

Automated marketing campaigns are the key tool in the arsenal of a modern marketer. They let you coordinate the full range of personalized communications via multiple channels. Use the Marketing Creatio visual Campaign Designer to build scenarios of varying complexity. Branch your campaign flow based on customer behavior and take the customer responses into consideration. Easily schedule personalized communications for the customer’s optimal local time using their preferred communication channel.

Fig. 4 Campaign Designer
Fig. 4 Campaign Designer

Learn more: Marketing campaigns.

Email marketing

Built-in integration with high-end email services makes it possible to send out emails to millions of recipients. You can use ready-made connectors to the most popular cloud bulk email services to expand the email provider list. Schedule bulk emails for a specific time or create trigger emails to let Creatio send an email whenever the customer’s behavior warrants another marketing communication.

The drag-and-drop Content Designer for bulk emails makes it easy to create nice-looking and engaging templates. Personalize the content using macros. Set up dynamic content to generate marketing emails whose structure is tailored to different target audience segments. A single template can display different content based on the segment of each recipient. Personalize your emails based on the customer demographics and behavior, and Creatio will ensure that your subscribers receive only relevant emails.

Fig. 5 Content Designer
Fig. 5 Content Designer

Learn more: Email marketing.

Managing events

The Events section of Marketing Creatio lets you manage promotions, such as trade shows, forums, webinars, and other online and offline events that you organize or in which you participate. You can record the event dates, allocate budgets and form teams, segment the target audience, and track responses by each event.

Fig. 6 Event page
Fig. 6 Event page

Learn more: Marketing events.

Activity management

You can use the Calendar and Tasks sections to keep track of all your tasks and meetings in a single place and ensure your workflow is as efficient as possible.

Fig. 7 Calendar page
Fig. 7 Calendar page

Learn more: Productivity.

Marketing efficiency evaluation

In addition to a set of ready-made analytical dashboards, Marketing Creatio includes highly customizable tools for creating custom analytics, such as Freedom UI charts and reports. Ready-made analytics provides complete information about the campaign and event results, the success rate of lead nurturing, and bulk emails, down to each individual response. You can visualize stats in multiple ways, including charts, calculated indicators, and special lists.

The analytics is available in the following areas:

  • Analytics view of certain Creatio sections. This view displays the general stats for section records (taking the current filters into account), for example, campaign dynamics and audience, lead generation channels, or the list of upcoming events.

  • On record pages. You can display analytical data on a per-record basis. For example, a bulk email page provides sending and delivery charts, individual recipient responses, the click heatmap, and the click-through rate for the currently opened email campaign, as opposed to similar rates for all emails in the section.

  • In the “Dashboardssection. The section displays Creatiowide analytics based on data from different Creatio sections, for example, the lead-to-revenue funnel, the list of employees of the month, event totals, etc.

You can customize existing dashboards. It is also possible to add new analytics widgets to any Freedom UI page in a few clicks.

Fig. 8 Dashboard page
Fig. 8 Dashboard page

Learn more: Analytics.

AI tools

Use AI tools to speed up routine tasks and increase the performance of your employees. Marketing Creatio includes the lead predictive scoring model that rates the quality of your leads based on the customer needs, lead engagement data, customer data, and customer service history. The predictive score is calculated according to the scale from 1 to 100 points. You can display the obtained value on the record page as a numeric field or a chart.

Learn more: AI tools.

Creatio Marketplace plugins, addons, and templates

Creatio Marketplace provides hundreds of out-of-the-box software solutions, connectors, extensions, plugins, addons and templates for Creatio products, including items that help you improve your marketing capabilities.

Use Creatio Marketplace to get a ready-made solution immediately, speeding up system integration and adaptation.

You can also use the Creatio Marketplace platform to share your own apps and monetize them.