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Financial Services Creatio overview

Financial Services Creatio is a platform for professional management of banking processes on all stages of interaction with your customers.

The composable architecture streamlines app development and customization. With drag-and-drop UI designer, employees that do not have a technical background can build and customize full fledged business solutions in no time without any coding. Automate business processes of your bank using a smart no-code platform and BPM technology. You can also synergize Financial Services Creatio with other Creatio products and ready-made Creatio Marketplace solutions.

Financial Services Creatio includes all technologies and tools available in Creatio platform. Learn more: Platform overview.


  • 360° customer view and communication management
  • Document flow management
  • Bank catalog and product selection management
  • Loan application and profile management
  • Financial account and card management
  • Opportunity management
  • Sales forecasts
  • Bank service level management
  • Knowledge base management
  • Activity management
  • Financial indicators
  • Creatio Marketplace plugins, addons, and templates

360° customer view and communication management

Use Legal entities and Contacts sections to maintain a common database of the bank customers, employees, and branches. Integrate the application with social networks to enrich the contact database with imported data. Search for and merge duplicates, segment customers, and analyze data using sophisticated tools. Learn more: Customer 360.

Use the corporate social network to post company news and facilitate internal discussions. Employees can also use the Activities and Feed sections to record their schedule as well as plan future tasks and appointments. Learn more: Communications.

Document flow management

Use the Contracts and Documents sections to manage documentation, e.g., contracts, additional agreements, specifications, regulations, meeting minutes, and correspondence. Attach a soft document copy for quick access to document content. Use the automated approval process to enhance commercial document approval procedures. Learn more: Document flow.

Bank catalog and product selection management

Use the Products section to store information about bank products in a customizable product catalog. Information about bank products is available in the user-customizable product catalog. Learn more: Products and prices.

Set up bank product categories, types, and sale conditions. Learn more: Product catalog.

Automate product selection using product recommendations (Next Best Offers) based on predictive data analysis. Use Next Best Offers to nurture a personalized approach, improve communication with existing customers, and attract new customers. Learn more: Next best offers.

Loan applications and profile management

Use the Applications section to create and process loan applications. Quickly find and offer products that best match customer needs.

Add deal participant profiles based on data from applications in a single click to begin processing the borrower documents. Use the Application forms section to track information on the deal participants and use the information to make informed decisions on whether to grant or deny loans. Learn more: Financial services.

Financial account and card management

Use Financial Accounts and Cards sections to accumulate information about bank cards as well as current, deposit, and other financial accounts. View relevant information about the existing bank products, products in stock, status, and other account or card parameters. Learn more: Financial products.

Opportunity management

Use the Opportunities section to take advantage of the corporate sale workflow that follows the world’s best practices in bank sales management. The process lets you handle a large number of deals simultaneously as Creatio recommends the needed steps for each opportunity phase, from prospecting to signing a contract.

You can use the bank sales pipeline and other analytical tools to estimate the efficiency on each opportunity phase and find bottlenecks. Learn more: Opportunity management.

Sales forecasts

Use forecasting tools in Financial Services Creatio, Sales edition to plan out your business strategy intelligently. Forecast bank sale volumes by sales associates, accounts, or industries easily. Compare indicators across periods and apply smart filtering tools to get the information you need in seconds.

Evaluate the probability of meeting bank sale quotas using the plan vs. actual analysis tools in Creatio. When calculating results, Creatio takes into account both the number of closed deals and the number of opportunities in the pipeline with their closure probabilities. Using Financial Services Creatio, Sales edition, managers can analyze the efficiency of bank sales associates easily and make the road to reaching the sales goals clear. Learn more: Forecasting.

Bank service level management

Streamline the workflow of your contact center using the consultation panel. The panel lets your agents find the needed information quickly and provide high-quality consultations on products and services. Use the Cases section is designed to process and manage customer requests for bank products. Learn more: Case Management.

Knowledge base management

Use the Knowledge base section to store answers to frequently asked questions, document excerpts, bank procedures, and other useful information. You can supplement the articles with files or links to web sources, consolidate articles in groups, and enable the employees to comment articles. Learn more: Knowledge management.

Activity management

You can use the Calendar and Tasks sections to keep track of all your tasks and meetings in a single place and ensure your workflow is as efficient as possible. Learn more: Productivity.

Financial indicators

Use the Financial indicators section to analyze how many active bank accounts the customer has, their balance, total revenue, number of accounts receivable and accounts payable, and other aggregates. You can browse data as a record list or as a dashboard of charts and metrics. To have a full understanding of customer revenue, compare target and actual values, analyze changes over a period, view data by accounts, customers and segments. Learn more: Analytics.

Creatio Marketplace plugins, add-ons, and templates

Creatio Marketplace provides hundreds of out-of-the-box software solutions, connectors, extensions, plugins, addons and templates for Creatio products, including items that help you expand and streamline your banking service.

Use Creatio Marketplace to get a ready-made solution immediately, speeding up system integration and adaptation.

You can also use the Creatio Marketplace platform to share your own apps and monetize them.

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