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Version: 8.0Sales Enterprise

Install the “Field Sales for Creatio” app

The Field Sales for Creatio extension allows automating sales rep tasks. Sales reps use Creatio mobile app in the field to check visit “to-do” list, record the meeting time frame, conduct presentations, monitor SKUs, and place orders.

Product features include:

  • Planning of field staff meetings (“visits”)

  • Building optimal routes between the meeting locations on the map

  • Maintain the visit agenda and guidelines

  • Keep a record of the employee’s activities during the visit

  • Create custom visit agenda and guidelines.

You need to install the app from the marketplace to access the field functionality. To do this:

  1. Open the System Designer, e.g., by clicking btn_system_designer.png.

  2. Click Installed applications. The app management page opens.

  3. Click Add application > Choose from Marketplace.

  4. Install the “Field Sales for Creatio” app.

If your Creatio application is deployed on-site, make sure that the application is not restricted from accessing the Internet, before you attempt to install “Field Module for Creatio.” To do this:

  1. Grant access to the web site

  2. Install the “Field Module for Creatio” app using the following link:

    For more on adding Creatio apps, see the “Install applications from the Marketplace” article.


    To access the functionality, all sales rep users must be licensed separately.

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