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Version: 8.0All Creatio products

Work with attachments

To work with additional information in Creatio, use the Attachments and notes tab. The tab contains the Attachments and Notes details.

Use these details to store external files, links to web resources, and extended descriptions of the record. The tab is available in all system sections. For example, in the Contacts section, you can add documents that represent the history of your interactions with the contact; in the Activities section, add files that have been prepared within a task.

The Attachments detail has the following views:

btn_dtl_files_view_card.png – the tile view. In this view, the files and links added to the detail are displayed as icons. The icon appearance varies depending on the file extension.


The icons for different file types can be set up in the File extension lookup. For the files whose types are undefined in the lookup, a default icon is used.

btn_dtl_files_view_list.png – the list view. In this view, the files and links added to the detail are displayed as a list of records. Use this view to delete a file or edit a link.

Attach files to records

  1. Open the needed record, for example, the activity page. Open the Attachments and notes tab.

  2. On the Attachments detail, click the Add file button. You can also drag the file and drop it into the detail (Fig. 1).

    Fig. 1 Dragging a file into the Attachments detail
    Fig. 1 Dragging a file into the Attachments detail

As a result, the selected file will be saved on the detail.

Add external links as record attachments

  1. On the Attachments detail, in the btn_com_roles_actions_menu.png menu, select the Add link option.

  2. On the displayed page, enter the link address in the Name field and save the page.

    As a result, the link will be added to the detail.

  3. If you need to edit the link, in the list view, click on it and select the Change properties option from the btn_com_roles_actions_menu00001.png menu.

Add a link to knowledge base articles

  1. On the Attachments detail, select the Add link to knowledge base option from the btn_com_roles_actions_menu00002.png menu.

  2. In the displayed window, select the needed knowledge base article and click the Select button.

    As a result, the selected link to the knowledge base article will be added to the detail.

Download attachments

To download the file that has been added to the Attachments detail, click its title. Specify the location to save the file to.

Delete a file from the [Attachments] detail

  1. Open the list view by clicking the btn_dtl_files_view_list00003.png button.

  2. Select the file, and then select the Delete option from the btn_com_roles_actions_menu00004.png menu.

Add notes to files

The Notes detail is used to store additional text information about the section record. On the detail, you can edit and format the text of the notes using the built-in formatting tools. You can also add an image or an external link to the detail.

If you switch to another tab of the page, the information on the Notes detail will be saved. To save the notes, save the record.

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