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Create a financial account

The Financial accounts section is used to store information about the bank accounts of your customers. Here, you can update and retrieve any important data about a bank account, including its number, customer's name, the current status of the account.

To add a bank account:

  1. Open the Financial accounts section and click New financial account.

  2. On the opened card setup page, specify the general information about the account:

    Account number

    Unique financial account number. The field is required.


    The contract for which the financial account was opened. The field is required.


    An individual or legal entity whose account this is. The field is required.


    Name of the banking product that is connected to the financial account. The field is non-editable and is populated automatically with the product specified in the contract. The field is required.

  3. On the General information tab, specify the main bank account information:


    Account type, for example, “Deposit”, “Card”, “Credit”. The field is required.


    The currency of the account. The field is required.


    Actual financial account balance.


    Name of the branch or office in which a financial account is opened. Fields lookups contain the lists of legal entities of the “Our bank” type.


  4. Populate the following fields on the Status detail on the General information tab.

    Opened on

    Dates on which the current financial account was opened and activated.

    Activated on


    Status of the current financial account, for example, “Active”, “Blocked”, “Closed”. By default, the “Active” value is set. The field is required.

  5. If necessary, add the cards that are connected to this bank account to the Cards detail.

  6. On the Attachments and notes tab, add more information about the bank account, as well as attachments and links to the web resources related to the bank account.

  7. Click Save.

As a result, a new financial account record will be added to Creatio.

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