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Create a landing page on your website

The first step of landing integration is to create a landing page.

Create unique landing pages for each of your offers targeted at certain audiences. For example, use the following configurations:

  • For first-time visitors, create a web-form for entering the email address to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • For visitors interested in downloading valuable content, prepare a separate contact form.
  • For customers who are ready to place an order, buy a service, or negotiate in person, create a detailed landing web-form.

The more the landing page is fitted to the customer's maturity, the more potential customers will be willing to start communicating with your brand regardless of the decision-making stage they are at.

To reach the maximum website conversion, follow the general recommendations for the landing page style, fields, and other UI elements.

Page layout

  • Create individual unique landing pages for each of your offers.
  • Try to convey the message in the header of your landing page as precisely as possible.
  • The landing page design must be user-friendly for the target audience.
  • Use concise wording and avoid walls of unstructured text.

Landing page fields

  • Design your data collection form to make sure you will get the most relevant information from your customers without asking them to input too much information.
  • At least one form field must collect the customer contact information, such as the email or phone number. We recommend that you make these fields required.
  • Make sure that the customers who fill out your landing page webform have a clear understanding of the fact that they are sharing their contact information and are ready to communicate with your brand. Include a field in your landing page form that the customers will use to confirm that they agree to receive marketing materials (“opt-in”).
  • Use data entry validity check for the most important fields of the form to get the valid contact information from the customers.

You can set up automatic completion of the web forms on your landing pages with Creatio contact data (name, email, phone, etc.) of the contact who opened the landing page by clicking a link in a Creatio bulk email.

Call to action and redirects

  • A call-to-action button (such as “Buy,” “Sign up,” “Watch the demo,” etc) must be available.
  • Create a page that your customer will be redirected to upon clicking a call-to-action button.

After setting up the landing page, proceed to set up the connection of the landing page to Creatio

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