Set up “Junk” case registration

Service Creatio

Creation can process incoming “junk” emails, e.g., spam, auto-replies, and internal emails so that the agents do not spend time on them.

The setup procedure is as follows:

  1. Specify email addresses, address strains or email domains of “junk” emails in the Blacklist of email addresses and domains for case registration lookup. By default, the lookup contains the following values commonly used in the bulk emails: postmaster, noreply, no-reply, mail-daemon, mailer-daemon.

  2. Specify the processing routine for “junk” emails in the “Create cases from junk emails” (CreateCasesFromJunkEmails) system setting.

    1. Clear the Default value checkbox to disable creating cases based on “junk” emails.

    2. Select the Default value checkbox to create cases based on “junk” emails.

  3. If you select the Default value checkbox in the “Create cases from junk emails” system setting,  populate the Default value field of the “Junk case default status” (JunkCaseDefaultStatus) system setting. For instance, select “Canceled” to automatically cancel any cases created from “junk” emails.