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In Creatio, apps are function blocks that solve business problems. For example, an app can be a set of payroll management tools. An app can consist of one or more content packages. Packages are added automatically when you create a new app.

Creatio generates package names automatically.

You can view the name in the Advanced settings block of the No-Code Designer.

Note. If you are going to transfer the app to other environments, make sure that the app package is specified in the “Current package” (“CurrentPackageId” code) system setting before you start working on the app.

Apps can include:

  • sections that are displayed as navigation menu items and comprise various custom UIs
  • various pages implemented using Freedom UI, e. g, lists, edit pages, dashboards
  • navigation items (new sections)
  • business processes
  • custom REST and SOAP service integrations
  • other schema types that are a part of Creatio configuration, e. g., objects, data bindings, SQL scripts, etc.

Create and set up apps in a single place using the No-Code Designer, which lets you streamline the development process as much as possible.

To create a new app:

  1. Click btn_system_designer_1.png in the top right → “Application Hub.”
  2. Click New application (Fig. 1). This opens a box.
    Fig. 1 Add an app
  3. Select a new app template based on your business goals in the box (Fig. 2). For example, select “Records and business processes” to add a list and record page to the app automatically. Click Select to confirm the template. This opens a box.

    Note. Select the “Custom” template if you want to use non-standard design solutions.

    Fig. 2 Select an app template
  4. Take the following steps in the box:
    1. Select the app icon by clicking the arrows or using the scroll wheel.

    2. Select the app icon color.

    3. Enter the app name in the Give it a name field. The app name must be unique. This is a required field.

    4. Specify the business problem the app solves in the Describe what it’s for (optional) field.

    5. Click Create (Fig. 3).

      Fig. 3 Specify the app parameters

As a result, a new app will open. The app will contain the elements included in the template. For example, a list page and form page. You can also add the following elements in the Freedom UI Designer:

  • other pages
  • sections
  • data models (bound objects)
  • business processes and cases
  • REST and SOAP service integrations
  • additional values, links to lookups and sections in the Additional settings block
  • any other elements, similarly to setup in the Configuration section Learn more in the developer documentation: Develop in Creatio IDE.
Fig. 4 The No-Code Designer

You can also import existing objects from packages. Learn more in the developer documentation: Deployment in Creatio IDE.

To view the results or test the app in operation, click Run app.