Financial Services Creatio Overview

Bank Customer Journey
Bank Sales

Use Financial Services Creatio to manage banking processes at all stages of interaction with your customers.
Automate business processes of your bank using a smart low-code platform and BPM technology. Financial Services Creatio also synergizes with other Creatio products and out-of-the-box solutions from the Creatio Marketplace.
Get the optimal Financial Services Creatio configuration depending on your bank’s specifics and key bank products.

  • Lending – a ready-made solution for credit conveyor automation. The application comes with a set of tools for managing loan applications and contact profiles to find and offer products that match customer’s needs the best.
  • Bank Sales – automation system for corporate sales of financial services. The application comes with a set of tools for working with leads, tracking lead sources, hand-off to sales and monitoring the financial indicators of your customers.
  • Bank Customer Journey – ready-made processes for front office automation, as well as issuing and maintaining bank products. The application comes with a set of tools for banks that mostly work with individual customers. Bank Customer Journey provides service catalog and customer application management, including on the self-service portal.

Financial Services tools 

All Financial Services products feature:

  • Managing information about legal entities and contacts. Creatio uses Legal entities and Contacts sections to maintain a common database of the bank's customers, employees, and branches. The application can be integrated with social networks, enabling you to populate the contact database with information. The features include duplicates search and merge, customer segmentation, and advanced analytics tools. Read more >>>
  • Managing communications The corporate social network is designed for internal discussion and news posting. Creatio also provides convenient means for maintaining your work schedule and planning future appointments and tasks in the Activities and Feed sections. Read more >>>
  • Managing the document flow. Use the Contracts and Documents sections to manage documentation, e.g., contracts, additional agreements, specifications, regulations, meeting minutes, and correspondence. Attach a soft copy of the document for quick access to its contents. Use the automated approval process that allows you to enhance commercial document approval procedures. Read more >>>
  • Managing bank catalog and product selection. Information about bank products is available in the user-customizable product catalog. The catalog features are available in the Products section. Read more >>>
    Set up bank product categories, types, and sale conditions. Read more >>>
  • Financial account and card management. Financial Services Creatio accumulates information about bank cards, as well as current, deposit, and other financial accounts. The [Financial Accounts] and Cards sections display relevant information about the existing bank products, products in stock, status, and other account or card parameters. Read more >>>
  • Bank service level management. The consultation panel enhances the work of your contact center, lets your operators find the quickly needed information, and provide quality consultations regarding the products and services. The Cases section is designed to process and manage customer requests for bank products. Track information on the deal participants and use it to make an informed decision on whether to grant or deny loans in the Applications section. Read more >>>
  • Managing knowledge base. In the Knowledge base section, you can store answers to the most frequently asked questions, excerpts from documents, bank procedures, and other information that may be useful for work. The articles can be supplemented with files or links to web sources, consolidated in groups, and commented on. Read more >>>