Bulk email service


The bulk email service is designed for integrating Creatio with bulk email providers. Bulk emails are one of the most effective marketing tools for promoting products and services.

Bulk email service basics 

In Creatio, emails are managed in the Email section, which you can use to:

  • Set up email templates.
  • Segment email recipients.
  • Access delivery analytics.
  • Access individual bulk-email feedback.

The following marketing email functions are available in Creatio:

  • Bulk emails. Sent once to a set number of recipients. Bulk emails enable you to actively engage your customers.
  • Trigger emails. Trigger emails are sent automatically to each recipient who triggers them (e.g., submits a web form, clicks a link, etc.).

Access to the marketing email functionality is licensed separately.

Set up your email service integration with Creatio for using the bulk email service. All cloud email service settings for bulk emails are consolidated on the bulk email setup page in the Email section. Learn more about working with the Email section in the section.

Email domain verification is required before using the email functionality. Two mail services are available for sending bulk emails from Creatio: UniOne and Elastic Email. By default, Creatio is integrated with UniOne. Contact Creatio support to send emails via Elastic Email.

Set up the bulk email contents that the recipients will see (the email template) before sending bulk emails. There are two types of marketing email templates in Creatio: templates that display the same content for all recipients (static content), and templates, whose content differs for different target audiences (dynamic content). Email templates are created via a no-code visual drag&drop editor called “Content Designer”.

You can use email analysis to see the email results and evaluate their effectiveness. The Email section analytics provides detailed statistics both for individual marketing emails and for aggregated metrics.

Bulk email service compatibility with Creatio products 

The bulk email service function is available in Marketing Creatio.

Bulk email service deployment options 

You can deploy the bulk email service on-site and in the cloud. Learn more about setting up bulk emails in the article.