Create custom reminders and notifications 

Starting with version 7.12.0, reminder and notification sending mechanics has been reworked in Creatio.

Previously, to send a custom notification, you would have to:

  • Creates a class that implements INotificationProvider interface or an inherited abstract BaseNotificationProvider class.
  • Add logic for selecting custom notifications by Creatio.
  • Register a class in the NotificationProvider table.

The notifications were sent once a minute, calling all classes from the NotificationProvider table.

Starting with version 7.12.0, it is sufficient to create a notification or reminder with the needed parameters. After this, the application will either send the notification immediately, or display a reminder at the specified time.

To set up custom notifications:

1. Create a Source code schema in the custom package and define a class for generating the notification text and pop-up window. The class must implement the IRemindingTextFormer interface (declared in the IRemindingTextFormer schema of the Base package).

2. Replace the needed object (such as Lead) or specify notification sending logic in it.

3. Replace the reminder tab schema ReminderNotificationsSchema for displaying notifications for the needed object.