Working with partner funds

Sales Enterprise

Creatio can credit a specific percentage of interest to the funds of partners. Use this logic to automate working with the marketing funds. Creatio can automatically credit a percentage from  the amount of an opportunity that the partner successfully closed –  to special “marketing funds.” The partner can use the marketing fund to initiate promotions and other marketing activities. Creatio will then deduct the activity budget from the partner’s marketing funds.

You can also add custom partnership funds and manually credit or debit them.

Set up the funds 

In the Creatio main application, perform the following actions:

  1. Click btn_system_designer.png in the main Creatio application.

  2. Go to the System setup block → click Lookups.

  3. Open the Level partnership parameters lookup.

  4. Set parameters of fund credits as per the partner levels (Fig. 1).

    Fig. 1 Parameters of crediting the marketing funds for a “Bronze” level partner
  5. Add a partnership. You can learn more in the “Example of setting up a partner program” article. Note that the Active checkbox on the partnership page must be selected to be able to work with funds.

    As a result, the specified parameters for crediting the marketing funds will automatically display on the partner page in the main application (Fig. 2), as well as on the Partnership parameters detail on the portal. A Marketing fund record will be added on the Funds detail. When an opportunity is closed with the “Closed won” result, the marketing funds will be credited with the percentage of the amount from the opportunity budget. This percentage depends on the partner level.

    You can add another fund manually by clicking btn_add_ke.png on the Funds detail.

    Fig. 2 Partner program page in the main application

You can view the remaining sum of the funds on the partnership page under General infoFunds. Partners can access this information by opening the partnership page on the portal.

Credit or debit the funds 

The funds are credited automatically when a partner opportunity is closed with the “Closed won” status. The amount of funds is recalculated based on the opportunity sum, opportunity stage, or the partner. When an opportunity is deleted, the corresponding sum is debited from the amount of the marketing funds. These actions display on the partner page → General infoOperations of the partnership page in the main application, as well as on the portal.

You can also credit or debit funds manually. Manual operations are available for marketing funds as well as for other types of funds.

To charge or write-off funds:

  1. Open the partnership page in the main application.

  2. Go to the General info tab → Operations detail → click btn_add_ke00001.png.

  3. Populate the fields on the opened page:

    1. Type – select the type of operation: credit or debit.

    2. Fund – specify the name of the fund.

    3. Amount – specify the sum for crediting or debiting.

    4. Description – add comments to the operation. This field is optional.

  4. Click Save (Fig. 1).

    Fig. 1 Example of a credit operation to the fund

The changes will display in the main application, as well as on the portal. The partners only have permission to view the Operations and Funds details.

Budgetg partner activities from the funds 

When a partner adds a new marketing activity in the Marketing activities section on the portal, the partnership page of the main application displays a record with the “Partner activity” type on the Marketing activities tab. The partner will be specified as the portal organization account.

If you open the record, you can specify the portal user as the activity owner and set the marketing activity budget (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Partner program page in the main application

If you specify a marketing fund in the Fund field of the record, the corresponding sum will be automatically debited from the specified fund once you save the record. If you edit or delete a record, Creatio will update the transaction and recalculate the funds. The recalculated funds display on the Operations detail of the partner program.

You can also create partner activities in the main application. The funds will be debited similarly.